Outdoor enthusiasts join Countesswells for its premiere wildlife event

26th September 2018

Almost 100 local and enthusiastic youngsters arrived at Countesswells at the start of this month, for a wild weekend hunting for elephants and tigers, when they took part in a special Bio-Blitz event.

Countesswells’ bio-blitz family fun day was held at Cults Barn Park, and organised by Countesswells Development Limited in conjunction with the North-East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership (NESBP).

Local park rangers and experts were on hand to take groups of residents and members of the public on walks, talks and various activities, including pond-dipping and mini-beast hunts. This helped to introduce them to some of the hundreds of species of indigenous wildlife that share their neighbourhood green space – including Garden Tiger and Elephant Hawk moths!

Check out the video of us exploring the great outdoors here:

Karen Watt, Community Liaison, Countesswells Development, said the aim of the Bio-Blitz was to encourage local residents and members of the public to get more involved with their local environment.

“We jumped at the opportunity to host Countesswells’ first Bio-Blitz this weekend. It was the perfect event to introduce lots of families and friends to the local area and provide them with a unique insight into their local outdoor spaces, encouraging them to develop environmentally-responsible behaviour.”

This comes after Countesswells became the first Scottish town to join a national initiative to protect and increase wildlife and biodiversity in its community. Its vision is to become one of the greenest and most attractive environments in which to live and work in Scotland.

To help promote this vision, Countesswells has joined forces with NESBP to deliver a series of forward-thinking initiatives on-site, which will aim to protect the existing local wildlife and promote greater biodiversity across the 400-acre community location.

Within this, there is a natural forage route for amphibians, birds and insects. Landscaping in the wider area includes vegetation species, such as crab apple, elder, gean, guelder rose, hawthorn, holly, dog rose and rowan, which are attractive to mammals.

Ewen Cameron, chairman of the NESPB’s Awareness & Involvement Group, said: “One of the exciting features of Countesswells is the green landscape that has been developed around it.

“The natural green spaces throughout Cults Burn Park provides valuable environments, not only for ecological and hydrological improvement, but for recreation and as a setting to the adjacent urban areas of Countesswells, and we are passionate about getting people thinking about the wildlife that they share their green space with.

“The Bio-Blitz event proved to be a great success, with lots of fun shared by people of all ages, who enjoyed their introduction to a range of their wildlife neighbours, some of whom were more spectacular than they could ever have imagined. The locals who attended the fun day enjoyed all the activities, especially the mini beast Hunt, squirrel walk and pond dipping.”