New Investment in landscaping will connect two historic woods

26th September 2018

Following £15million of investment, Countesswells continues to pave the way for improved green space with plans to connect Countesswells woods to Hazelhead woods. A new range of pathways will provide residents with room to roam as they take in the award winning community surroundings.

Work is due to begin on a planned integration of new sections of path that will allow walkers, cyclists and horse-riders to travel from one woodland to another, passing through the new North-east town. 
To date, the infrastructure including new roads and utilities represents £15million of investment, with more than £2million spent on the strategic landscaping and green space that forms the heart of the community amenity at Countesswells.

Various interconnecting pathways suitable for walkers, cyclists and horse riders meander under and over timber bridges and boardwalks.

Allan McGregor, Project Director for Countesswells, said: “As the flowers, plants and trees planted over 12 months ago flourished in the recent unusually warm summer weather, we are making plans for the next stages of landscaping.
“The new sections of pathway will integrate the new community at Countesswells and connect directly with the existing path network that crosses through Hazelhead and Countesswells Woods. In agreement with the Forestry Commission, who own the woods, we will construct a new path within the Countesswells Woods to directly tie-into the development.
“This will remain as a natural pathway, to compliment the current terrain, and will attract more walkers, cyclists, equestrian riders and, of course, even more wildlife.”
With a vision to set new standards for urban design in the north-east of Scotland, Countesswells has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the already stunning natural environment with well-planned formal and informal green spaces and features.
Mr McGregor added: “Housebuilders will have a certain level of landscaping in their plans, but this is typically confined to the gardens and streetscapes associated with the new homes. The difference with Countesswells is the substantial upfront investment in creating an established environment that when the new residents move in, they have immediate access to a thriving, natural bio-diverse environment that promotes health, well-being and a direct connection with nature.”

The exemplar development project has already been recognised by a series of accolades and awards. As well as the recent visit from Britain in Bloom judges, there has also been success at the RICS Awards 2018, where Countesswells was honoured as the winner of the best ‘Residential Property’ category, and a High Commendation in the ‘Innovation in Housing Awards’ from The Saltire Society.