Multi-million-pound investment in landscaping

30th July 2017

As Countesswells nears completion of its first phase of green space development, the extensive 4.5 hectares of green parkland, woodland and wildflower meadow are already starting to take root and bloom.

The multi-million pound investment in landscaping, to create one of the greenest and most attractive places to live in Aberdeenshire, is starting to mirror the artist’s impressions first revealed over two years ago in the masterplan for Countesswells.

Following a busy season of tree planting and landscaping, towards the end of last year, the trees are now bearing fruit and the wildflower meadow is starting to blossom. The new trees include Scots pine, birch, oak, lime, horse chestnut, alder, hornbeam, rowan, cherry and willow.

The waterways and ponds, which run through the new community, are also starting to fill and attract wildlife.

Landscaping work will continue through until autumn when the final phase of tree planting and the planting of the orchard will be completed. A beach-themed feature has also been created by expanding and channelling the natural watercourse through the area and installing water reeds, rushes and stepping stones. The ‘beach’ reuses many of the pebbles and rocks found during the building of the development and re-purposes them to complement the landscape and provide natural “stairways” for residents.

Allan McGregor, Countesswells project director said: “The aim of Countesswells is to enhance the already stunning natural environment with well-designed and planned green spaces and features that deliver a truly unique place to live, work and relax.

“Ensuring the development is as biodiverse as possible will promote well-being for those living in the community and connect the settlement with the surrounding landscape. As the community and plant life literally starts to flourish, it’s great to see our original vision coming to life.”