Hagan the Heron calls Countesswells home!

12th March 2019

News of a rare sighting has just flown in this week from Countesswells. A grey heron was spotted exploring the Countesswells sustainable urban drainage ponds by one of our residents.  Our heron has joined the growing number of animal and bird species making their home in Aberdeen’s newest community.

We’ve called our heron Hagan, a name of Scandinavian origin which means a place of safety and sanctuary, reflecting the peaceful community Countesswells residents call home.

With an impressive wing span of up to 6ft, and long legs with black and white feathering, herons are unmistakable.

They are usually spotted around any kind of water, garden ponds, lakes and rivers or seen circling high in the sky. The fact that our heron is now a regular resident at Countesswells is testament to the attraction of the Cults Burn and the Sustainable Drainage System (SUDs) ponds for wildlife. 

With a strong commitment to biodiversity, we are thrilled that local wildlife is indeed flourishing across the 400-acre site.  Countesswells’ green spaces, waterways and parklands have joined Hazlehead Wood on the east with Countesswells Woods on the west to create a sprawling natural green landscape that is proving successful in providing a natural forage route for amphibians, birds and insects.

Ewen Cameron, chairman of the North-east Scotland Biodiversity Partnership’s Awareness and Involvement Group (NESBP) said: “It’s great to hear that Countesswells is attracting one of the UK’s most unmistakable UK bird species. The focus on designing this new community, with the environment, biodiversity and sustainability to the fore, has been very welcome. The “re-naturalised” Cults Burn and the linked SUDS ponds are havens for wildlife and are proving effective in attracting local wildlife and increasing biodiversity.”

If you spot any other unusual wildlife exploring all that Countesswells has to offer, please let us know!