Countesswells set for school by 2021

19th December 2018

Countesswells was thrilled to share the news that Aberdeen City Council has confirmed that the first new primary school for Countesswells, the city’s largest new community, is expected to be delivered by 2021.

This is an exciting step for the development, which will eventually have two primary schools and an academy within the approved town masterplan.

Countesswells, which will eventually comprise 3,000 homes, along with healthcare facilities, local business units and shops, neighbourhood centres, green and civic spaces and extensive parkland, has been eagerly awaiting confirmation from the Council on the funding and timing for the first school since residents started moving in last year. The developing community welcome the Council’s approval of the capital spend and the update on timescales for opening the school.

Special projects director at Countesswells, Jim Fitzsimons, welcomed the announcement by the Council and is delighted to give existing and future residents a timescale for the commencement of the first primary school, which will have capacity for over 400 children.

He said: “We are committed to providing the vital local amenities as the community grows and with the upfront investment in infrastructure and landscaping, including the pathways, first playpark, community orchard and installation of fibre optic cabling delivering the fastest broadband speeds in the country, we have demonstrated that, where we have full control, we are delivering on our promise.

“This much anticipated confirmation from the Council helps us deliver on our overall ambition of making Countesswells a truly exceptional place in which to live, work and play.”