Countesswells Bus Route FAQ’s

12th July 2019

Thanks to the new stagecoach number 44 service, we are pleased to be supporting our Countesswells residents with transport options to and from the growing community.

Our new bespoke service will be a welcome addition to the new town which already boasts significant inter-community connectivity including improved green space that allows walkers, cyclists and horse-riders to travel from one woodland to another, as well as the fastest broadband speeds in the country.

Having worked tirelessly with relevant stakeholders to bring forward solutions for public transport since residents first moved in, Countesswells is pleased to have arrived at a solution for the growing neighbourhoods. 

Check out the below to help answer any burning questions you may have about the bus. 

Where can I catch the number 44 service?
You can catch the number 44 service adjacent to the Stewart Milne sales centre, on North Countesswells Road.

What ticket do I need?
You will only need to purchase one ticket which will provide through travel from Countesswells to the city centre, valid on the number 44 and X17 services.

How much will it cost?
Return travel between Countesswells and the City Centre is available at a discounted rate of £3, this ticket is only valid on service 44 and X17. Contactless payments are also available on board.

How often does the number 44 service run?
The bus provides a half hourly, 6-day service from Monday to Saturday, operating from 7am until 7pm between Countesswells and Kingswells Park and Ride.

Where can I see a full timetable of the service?
You will find a full bus timetable for the onward journeys on the X17 here: and live bus tracking can be captured via the stagecoach mobile app.

Where does the number 44 service take me?
Service 44 operates between Countesswells and Kingswells Park and Ride, where passengers can then continue their journey into Westhill or the city centre with stops including, Union Square, Union Street, Queen Terrace Gardens, Woodend Hospital and Prime Four. Connections are available at Kingswells Park and Ride to service X17. This connection requires a change of bus at Kingswells Park and Ride.