Countesswells picks up prestigious award at the 2018 Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning

19th December 2018

Held in November, the aim of the Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning is to promote and acknowledge, either individual or team talent in planning achievements across Scotland.

The expert judges carefully considered all applicants, having shortlisted 34 projects in the five categories of Partnership, Place, Plans and Process, plus this year’s new category of Children and Young people. 

Entries for the prestigious awards followed strict judging guidelines, ensuring each development demonstrated innovation, impact and transferability. The judges overall recognised 25 projects with awards for 2018, celebrating achievements in planning, right from the detail of processing through to the bigger picture of creating places.

Countesswells was nominated in the Place category and judges considered the funding mechanism that had been leveraged for the new community, which were assessed as being both innovative and transferable. The judges were impressed that the Countesswells site had been combined with a commitment to create a high-quality place, not only where the community feel fully integrated but also through the attention given to the public realm and feel of the spaces.

Overall, the judges welcomed the confident approach applied to the masterplan regarding creating future housing delivery. Plus, the consideration given to Countesswells’ ‘future proofing’ and fully integrated open space network, which they described as being “exemplary”.  

Jim Fitzsimons, special projects director at Countesswells, was thrilled that Countesswells was recognised at the 2018 Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning.

He commented: “The Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning showcase the best developments in planning across Scotland and we are thrilled to be part of such a prestigious and widely recognised award. Hearing the feedback from the judges, we are pleased that Countesswells has been recognised as a high-quality housing project with great community commitment and integration.

“We are very grateful to the Scottish government for the award and truly committed to supporting our current and future residents, making Countesswells one of the most attractive and sought-after places to live in the North-East.”