Outdoor Life

This is the place where you could find a new lease of life. A run before breakfast. A leisurely walk to work. Golf at the weekend. Picnics in the park. Woodland stroll with the dog. Your perfect  spot and a good book. Breathe it in. It’s yours to explore.

Up close to nature

Getting from your front door to the great outdoors takes minutes. There you can walk in Countesswells, Foggieton and Hazlehead woods. Go bird watching or mountain biking. Or take a picnic to the park.

Surrounding environment

There’s a plentiful supply of fresh air fun to be had within easy travelling distance of Countesswells. You can be at the foot of Bennachie for a day of hill walking, casting your line on the River Dee or taking the ski-tow to the top of Glenshee, all within 15 to 45 minutes.

In harmony with the natural landscape

Streets and parks have been designed to enhance existing features including the picturesque burn that flows through Countesswells. Homes and gardens have been carefully positioned to enjoy green views and create a sense of space.

Central Park

Bordered by retail and office space, the Central Park will provide acres of open space. It will be the hub of Countesswells, with seating areas throughout, creating a great social place with avenues and lines of trees defining the edges and separate areas of the park. Here you’ll also find places for kids to play, whether kicking a ball around or in more formal play zones and tennis courts.

Central Park will be formal in its layout with defined smaller spaces, designed as a whole, which can accommodate a wide variety of uses. The core civic space will provide an interface between the main, mixed use area of the town and the park itself, creating a flexible meeting place designed to be used and enjoyed every day. Paths will link the northern edge of the park connecting Cults Burn Corridor to the community campus, creating safe and attractive routes.

Tree-lined walkways

Inspired by existing paths and woodland, several ‘green walk ways’ have been incorporated to connect the parks within Countesswells and the ancient woods to its east and west. It is possible to cross Countesswells on foot, bicycle or horseback without venturing along a road.

Cults Burn Park

The Cults Burn Park meanders through Countesswells, creating focal points and views, defining the landscape. This park will incorporate the SUDs facilities as part of the design, exposing and integrating the natural hydrological systems as part of the public space adding to the character and diversity within the space.

This is an informal and natural park which includes a play area and orchard, surrounding the water course with more formal areas located adjacent to residential areas. All the spaces will provide valuable environments not only for ecological and hydrological improvement, but for recreation and as a setting to the adjacent urban areas. From the North East it will connect to Hazlehead woodland through to Countesswells Woods in the South East.