Getting around

All of Countesswells and the surrounding countryside is seamlessly connected by a network of curving tree-lined streets, bus routes, well-lit public footpaths and safe, attractive cycle paths. The streets have been designed to keep traffic slow, especially near schools and parks. Pedestrian areas will provide open spaces to meet and chat.

Good connections

The streets are designed to keep traffic flowing safely between neighbourhoods. Several major roads connect Countesswells with Aberdeen city centre and beyond. Countesswells will also have easy access to the proposed AWPR to make it easier to go further afield. 

On foot or in the saddle

A network of cycle paths, woodland trails and bridleways will link neighbourhoods and connect Countesswells with the open countryside.

Bus links

Buses will pick up and drop off throughout Countesswells as well as providing a fast route into Aberdeen and the surrounding towns.